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We reserve the right to amend any quote that was given over the phone, we are often told rugs are in good shape, and they need restoration, or there is only 3 bedrooms when there are actually 4, or there is no hallway, and when we arrive there is.

Please keep in mind we can not see what you are looking at when you phone us, we will give you an approximate price and will always discuss with you before we start.

Prices below will give you a very good idea of our charges

Residential  Carpet Cleaning - Average home

Please note, all pricing includes disinfection and deodorizers, no additional fees will be added. We do not sell Scotch guard, we think it is an unnecessary cost. Some of our acid treatments might incur a very small fee, these are used on red wine, coffee, tea and tannin stains, it is applied after cleaning if said stains were unable to be removed.

House Package  $285.00 - $300 Normal Cleaning, 

if abused it could be more

Living Dining Room Hall ( Aprox 350 sq ft ) 3 bedrooms average size rooms + 1 Flight of Stairs  $285.00 -$300 

Standard  room sizes: liv/rm Din/Room/Hall (350 sq ft), 

Bedrooms 2 -10x12,  Master 12 x 15, Hallway  3 ft x 10 ft, 13 stairs with or with out landing,

Large closets will incur a small cost

Abused homes also will incur an extra cost, not all cleaning is the same, please explain to us how bad the carpets are when booking so we are not surprised when we arrive

Liv/din/hall  $150.00 for average soiled conditions

Minimum Service call is $150.00, If we come out to clean 1 room this applies, so we always ask you to prepare more than 1 room to receive more value for your money, It takes an hour time slot to come out for a small area, so we have to have a $150 service call out. If you do not have another room, bring out your mats, and we will be happy to do them for you.

If you have just bedrooms that need cleaning, here is an idea of pricing

12 x 15 = $63.00

12 x 12 = $50.40

12 x 10 = $42.00

10 x10 =  $35.00

White Rugs an additional fee of $25 on house Package 

Addition Rooms:
Bedrooms  10x 12 = $36.00
Larger than normal Master Bedrooms add $10-$20.00
Large en-suites add $15- $20.00
Large walk in closets add $20.00
Extra stair cases add $50.00 - 60.00
Rec rooms, 12 x 15 add $ 63.00

Rec-rooms that consume your basement, equal in size to your Living room and dining room upstairs Add $90-100.00

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

All commercial cleaning is at 25-30 cents a sq ft. depending on quantity and condition, Please phone for a hands on estimate.  We will be happy to come and measure it up

Furniture Cleaning

Normal Cleaning of household furniture that is maintained

If any of these pieces have not been cleaned in 10 years and have been abused beyond normal cleaning, these prices do not apply.

3 seat sofa 6ft in length $130         (White add $10-$20.00)
Love seats 5 Feet in length $ 100.00         (White add $10.-$20.00)
Matching chairs $55      (White add $10.00)
Lazy boys and recliners $50.00-60      (White add $10.00) sometimes
 Ottomans $ $20

Dining room chairs bottoms only   8.00-10.00

bottoms and backs  $15-20.00

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